Alfa Romeo Valve Caps 'Marchio Monocromo'

Alfa Romeo Valve Caps Marchio Monocromo
Alfa Romeo Valve Caps Marchio Monocromo
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Aluminium valve caps with black and white Alfa Romeo badges (in the new style which is valid since 2015)
Fits on all tyre valves
4-piece set
Diameter about 10 mm, height about 18 mm

We recommend to use some grease on the thread of the caps.
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Customer reviews:

 am 22/02/2023     Evaluation:

Great look, gr8 little detail. Good quality. But poor design - they have aluminium thread. Had to change two valves because they just could not be unscrewed, not even with heavy-duty pliers and WD-40. Once the metals stick, you can only cut them from my experience. Maybe they work fine if you grease the threads. Still, they look great, a nice little touch, especially with nice rims.