Novitec Sport Shifter

Novitec Sport Shifter
Novitec Sport Shifter
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Novitec Sport Shifter (short shifter) for many Alfa 145/146, 147, 156 und GT with manual transmission (not suitable for Selespeed).
Reduces the gear throw by about 30 % and therefor makes shifting quicker without complex and expensive shift rod replacement.
A re-adjustment of the gear linkages after the installation of the short shifter is not necessary.
The short shifter does not require any modifications of the gear lever or in the interior of the car. In addition it is reversible.
It replaces a part of the outer gear linkage which is placed on top of the gearbox (in the engine compartment).

Suitable for:
  • Alfa 145/146 1.4 TS 16V und 1.6 TS 16V
  • Alfa 147 all Twin Spark 16V
  • Alfa 156 all Twin Spark 16V and 2.0 JTS 16V
  • Alfa GT 1.8 TS 16V and 2.0 JTS 16V
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