Alfa Romeo 145/146 Floormat Set

Alfa Romeo 145/146 Floormat Set
Alfa Romeo 145/146 Floormat Set
Alfa Romeo 145/146 Floormat Set
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For all LHD (left hand drive) Alfa 145 and Alfa 146.
Made of black velours with red borders.
With coloured Alfa Romeo badge on the front mats.
The set consists of 4 pieces.
Photo for illustration purposes only.
Only available for left hand drive Alfas.
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Customer reviews:

Author:  am 25/06/2012     Evaluation:

Nice to have these carpets today to replace the old ones which I believe they came from the original set from 1994 the year of construction of my 146 Boxer it just makes a big difference now with the new floormat set from giving the impression a kind of a modern classic inside the car alfa romeo red gear lever knob besides some red stickers as well a sweet and stylish combination with the boxer sound indulging along with car and driver pleasing parallel...

Author:  am 16/10/2010     Evaluation:

The set has a great fit and a nice quality. The red lining gives the set a sporty and luxurious touch! Great product and I will definitly buy them again if the old one has worn off.

Author:  am 21/02/2008     Evaluation: