Ferodo DS Performance Brake Pads - Front

Ferodo DS Performance Brake Pads - Front
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Ferodo DS Performance brake pads for Alfa 145/146.

This compound has been designed specifically for road use.
It combines many of the characteristics found in a pure racing material (high friction, absence of fade) but has improved cold performance, and reduced disc wear and noise.
The key features of DS Performance pads are:
  • high friction coefficient (0.46 average)
  • excellent disc life
  • low wheel dust
  • racing "feel"
  • low heat transmission to the calliper - thus avoiding fluid boil
DS Performance pads are recommended for road use only.
R90 homologated - street legal

The price is for the complete axle (4 pads).
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Variant 1:
1.4 / 1.6 / 1.7 16V / 1.9 TD (1994-96)

Variant 2:
1.4 TS 16V / 1.6 TS 16V 1.9 TD/JTD (1997-01)
(with and without ABS)

Variant 3:
1.8 TS 16V / 2.0 TS 16V all models

Important information: bedding of DS Performance pads
A series of applications, building from light pressure (x5 applications) to medium pressures (x5 applications) on a quiet road from slow (initially) to moderate speeds.
The applications should not be separated from each other by more than 30 seconds. There is no need for the vehicle to come to rest on each application.
Allow the brakes to cool (this will occur during normal driving anyway, but do not, for example, go straight into a steep hill descent as the first use of the brakes) and the pads will be bedded.
Don't oberheat the brake discs during the bedding process to avoid distortion!
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