Alfa Romeo Smart Battery Charger

Alfa Romeo Smart Battery Charger
Alfa Romeo Smart Battery Charger
Alfa Romeo Smart Battery Charger
Alfa Romeo Smart Battery Charger
Alfa Romeo Smart Battery Charger
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Products description

Genuine Alfa Romeo smart battery charger
Suitable for all Alfa Romeos with 12V and of course for all other car brands and models with a 12V lead-acid battery
Charges until the battery is 100 % charged and then maintains the battery at 95 % to 100 % of its capacity
It is not necessary to remove/disconnect the charger after a certain period of time

This charger can be used as full-fleged charger for batteries and can remain connected to the battery after it has completed the charging process.
lt is therfore ideally suitable for convertibles or sports cars which are not used regularily or to keep the battery fit over the winter period when the very car isn't used at all

The scope of delivery contains two different connectors/cables:
  • one cable with conventional clamps
  • one cable with two M6 eyelets
The cable with the eyelets has to be connected directly to the terminals of the car's wiring loom and then remains in the car
The other end of both cables have a spraywater protected short-circuit proof plug which connects it to the battery charger

Technical Data
Rated voltage: 220-240 V (AC, 50-60 Hz)
Charging voltage: 14,4 V (DC)
Charging current: 5 A max
Incorrectly connected battery clamps are recognized and a warning light will show this
Detects sulphated (damaged) batteries and then lights a warning light
Comes with a handy black storage bag

Genuine Alfa Romeo accessory

Attention: The Plug is for Germany, Austria and some other European countries. Please make sure that it will fit, of course you can use an adapter or cut the plug and mount a new plug (in this case you will loose the warranty).
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