Alfa Romeo TZ - TZ2 - Born To Win

Alfa Romeo TZ - TZ2 - Born To Win
Alfa Romeo TZ - TZ2 - Born To Win
Alfa Romeo TZ - TZ2 - Born To Win
Alfa Romeo TZ - TZ2 - Born To Win
Alfa Romeo TZ - TZ2 - Born To Win
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Having dominated the first two editions of the F1 World Championship in 1950 and 1951 with the unbeatable Alfetta 158 and 159, Alfa Romeo abandoned the racing scene.
However, with the 1900 in its various forms, the marque's "sporting heart" continued to beat strongly
and in 1953 Alfa was back with the 6C 3000 CM in the World Sports Car Championship.
An elegant coupé, the 2000 Sportiva, bodied by Bertone in 1954, and above all the Giulietta Sprint that appeared in the same year,
fed the thirst for racing that became irrepressible in the second half of the decade when the Spider 750 Competizione was launched.
The the fast and nimble Giuliettas developped by Zagato showed the manufacturer that the time was right for a renewed campaign of racing.
And when the brand new SZ started winning races in all four corners of the globe, the "Tubolare Zagato", the car "born to win"
began to take shape on Portello's drawing boards.
The author who was a protagonist of those years recounts the long and torturous gestation of that memorable car,
conceptually innovative in engineering terms and capable of winning from its first appearance.
The most mature fruit of this long technical, human and sporting story was, however, the TZ2,
an object of peerless beauty, a "four-wheeled sculpture" that despite the many difficulties encountered on its path,
not least the hostile sporting regulations, succeeded in making an indelible mark on the history of motor racing.

Author: Vito Witting da Prato
ISBN 978-88-7911-641-1
Language: Englisch
Dimensions: about 24,3 x 27 cm
226 pages, hardcover with wrapper
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