Fluid Film Gel BN

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Fluid Film Gel BN

Fluid Film Gel BN is a brownish-transparent, highly viscous (at 20C compareable with warm butter), soft, lanolin-based, solvent free, non toxic liquid coating.

Fluid Film Gel BN can easily be apllied with a with a paintbrush or paint roller.
This makes it the ideal choice for areas were the use of a spray can would damage or pollute other components (e.g. accessory belts or hot exhaust parts in the engine bay).
As an alternative it can also be applied with the help of an airless spray gun.
This product can be handled in a temperature range of -10 C (263 K) to 40 C (313 K).

Fluid Film Gel is our recommendation for the protection of body seams and corners at the underbody or body panels which are hidden by e.g. a bumper or side skirt. Old PVC underbody protection which is already invisibly undermined by rust will come off after a few weeks.
This gel also protects nuts and bolts from rusting.

1 litre

  • solvent free and therefor environmentally friendly, higher security for the user
  • very economical application - a layer of up to 1.000 m thickness can be applied in one cycle (if an airless spray gun is used)
  • can be applied with a paintbrush, paint roller or with an airless spray gun (with a compression ratio of more than 45:1)
  • 1-component product with excellent adhesion also on older paint surfaces
  • suitable as corrosion protection on steel parts or other metal parts during transport, storage or processing
  • highest resistance against watery mediums
  • restist temperature from -45C (248 K) up to about 70C (343 K)
  • Fluid Film Gel B has a self-healing effect in case that the surface which was treated with the gel is damaged / hurt


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