Fluid Film AS-R Cavity Wax

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Fluid Film AS-R Cavity Wax
Fluid Film AS-R Cavity Wax

400 ml spray can Fluid Film AS-R

Fluid Film AS-R is an oily amber transparent, lanolin-based, solvent free, non toxic liquid coating.
It reacts with moisture to form a soft gelatinous barrier. This mixture is chemically combined and thus is unavailable to cause corrosion.
Provides protection against attack by moisture and salt solutions. May be applied to soften and remove heavy rust.
Used in the maintenance of aircraft, heavy equipment, marine equipment (such as rudders, voids, inaccessible areas), mining equipment, farm machinery and automobiles.
Ideally suitable to protect box sections, seams and folds, doors, engine bays and also untreated aluminium parts of cars.
The spray can is delivered with a 15 cm long nozzle which eases the application in difficult to rearch corners.
We recommend to order the 60 cm long 3-jet cavity sond if you wish to apply Fluid Film into the sills (or other long box sections) of a car.

  • very resistant against the influence of weather, also against snow, slush and salt
  • very effective and reliable as a rust desolving and water displacing corrosion protection
  • extraodinary resistance against salt water
  • quickly penetrating but very adhesive, won't be washed away by rain or salty water, does not evaporize or resinify
  • old bitumen underbody protection which is already aplied e.g. to the floor pan of a car is plasticized and therefor activated
  • PVC-underbody protection which is already invisibly undermined by rust will come lose after a few weeks if spray with Fluid Film which will therfor help you to see rusty spots easier
Important note for cars with sidebag / windowbag / inflatable curtain airbag
The crash sensors for sidebags or windowbags which are mounted in doors or side panels have to be dismounted bevor you start to spray those parts.
These crash sensors might otherwise be inoperable if cavity wax penetrates their housings.


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