Blue&Me Adapter For Apple iPod And iPhone

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Blue&Me Adapter For Apple iPod And iPhone
Blue&Me Adapter For Apple iPod And iPhone

The adaptor allows you to listen to on your iPod or your iPhone stored music with the Blue&Me USB-port. Only needed for older Alfa Romeo Blue&Me systems. Please visit the official Blue&Me website for further information and for updates of your Alfa.
It ensures compatibility with Blue & Me - even with iPods and iPhones which will not allow configuration for extended storage.
In addition the adapter will charge your iPod/iPhone.

  • Plays all audio music titles which are stored with iTunes on your iPod/iPhone. Even DRM copy-protected songs.
  • No long indexing-time, even with a 64GB storage.
  • Charge up the iPod/iPhone by the USB-port.
  • Handling by the steering wheel keys, not by the iPod/iPhone.
  • All song details are shown on the radio-display.
  • All operations are shown in the cockpit-display.

Blue&Me version 5.4 or newer
official Blue&Me update website
Attention: Please note that there are two different systems available: Blue&Me and Blue&Me NAV!
Updates are also available at your local Alfa/Fiat dealer/garage.
One of the following Apple iPod/iPhone (only audio!):
iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, iPod classic, ipod video, iPod Nano, iPod with color display, iPod mini with color display, iPod with dock connector, iPod with click wheel

Connect the iPod/iPhone by the USB-cable (not enclosed!) with the adapter.
After you plugged in the adapter into the Blue&Me port of your Alfa, you can directly play the music by the Blue&Me media player (without a long indexing time as known with USB-sticks).
The display of the iPod/iPhone shows that you connected your Apple to another device, you only can use the Apple by the Blue&Me system (incl. telephone).
By the "Media-Player" menue you have the following options:
  • Random play for all or single songs
  • Play single song
  • Play albums
  • Play Artists
  • Play Genre
  • Play (iTunes) playlists
  • Repeat song/album


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