Bilstein Coilover Suspension Kit B14 PSS

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Bilstein Coilover Suspension Kit B14 PSS
Bilstein Coilover Suspension Kit B14 PSS
Bilstein Coilover Suspension Kit B14 PSS
Bilstein Coilover Suspension Kit B14 PSS

For Alfa 156 (not suitable for Sportwagon Q4 and Crosswagon Q4).
Height adjustable suspension for maximum vehicle control, especially when driving on the limits.
Lowers the car by 30 to 50 mm (compared to a standard suspension without sports pack). Unique Bilstein mono-tube-system.
The B14 is similarly to the B16, only the adjustment in bound and rebound is missing.

We recommend to replace the front and the rear strut top mounts after a mileage of about 80.000 km / 50.000 mls because they tend to wear.


Variant 1:
B14 coilover suspension without strut top mounts

Variant 2:
B14 coilover suspension with 2 strut top mounts for the rear axle

Variant 3:
B14 coilover suspension with 2 Original Alfa strut top mounts for the front axle and 2 strut top mounts for the rear axle

Please choose the version: 
Variant 1
Variant 2 - surcharge 99,00 EUR = 948,00 EUR
Variant 3 - surcharge 166,98 EUR = 1.015,98 EUR


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Customer reviews:
Author: Masso Ghaoui  -  11.07.2011

Some cash, a fair amount of work, but what performance! The quality is real German high standard engineering, you see that the moment you unwrap the first shock. These really do not spare the competition from the more known brands, let us say. I even believe they are better. They make a very solid impression on me. The service of this shop is simply very good. You get fast and knowledgeable tips & advice (they really know everything and have a sense of humor too).
Plus points:
-the car accelerates faster
-nearly doesn\'t tilt at all in the corners
-you can screw the set up and down easily as much your racing heart desires (the spanners are included in the box)
-cornering is really amazing, a comlpetely different car (I have a 2.5 v6)

Minus points:
-instruction manual is for the B16, not too big a problem, where it not that they forgot to draw an arrow in which direction you have to screw the rings to make the st up harder or softer (caused a fair amount of laughter and new teeth fillings on the first test drive)
-ofcourse there is a loss of comfort, but the roads we have here in NL make it a very small issue as far as I\'m concerned. NB These B14s are very comfortable for race shocks, if you ask me (and they are race shocks!)

Conclusion: I recommend them, worth every penny. Better even, if your standard shocks and coils are worn and you want to replace them, as was the case in my situation, you\'re talking about a few penny\'s more, and you have the coils complete on the shock in one package. You only need to re-use the top mounting bearing, a complete, plug & play set.

I do not miss the bound en rebound as on the B16s. I find it a lot of hassle and in my opinion, this set reacts beautifully.

In short: holy macaroni

Author: Mohammad Al-Mossawi  -  19.06.2011

Unless you want to splash out on a B16 kit, this is the best you can get for your hard earned Euros

Author: Petar Diksokov  -  29.11.2010

I bought this suspension kit for my Alfa 156 and what can i say is- it´s amazing.

Author: Rodrigo Gatti  -  11.09.2010

I\'ve just installed this suspension kit. It is incredible in terms of perfomance, for good road surface ride comfort is not affected, but roads with many potholes, depressions and so, ride becomes harsh. If you want performance, this is a great choice. If you require comfort, I would recommend only if your country has good roads/highways. Regarding height, my setup is for the highest allowed setting (around 4 cm lower), no scratches up to now.

Author: martin wong  -  28.06.2010

with the price and qulaity....
B14 is the best coilover suspension.
and the band name \"Bilstein\" good already!!

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