BiscioneRacing CDA High Performance Intake System

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BiscioneRacing CDA High Performance Intake System
BiscioneRacing CDA High Performance Intake System

BiscioneRacing CDA high performance intake system suitable for all Alfa 156 GTA and 147 GTA

The CDA filtering system is composed of a cylindrical carbon fibre airbox containing a washable filtering element. The choice of this composite material is due to the fact that carbon has low thermal conductivity allowing insulation from the engine heat to the aspirated air. Replacing the original airbox with the CDA means that fresh air is channelled directly to the filter, thermally insulated inside the carbon airbox and then conveyed to the engine through an air flow deflector with minimum loss of power.
The CDA filtration system is connected to a frontal air intake via a flexible aluminium tube. Thanks to the dynamic air intake you get a real supercharging system that conveys fresh air to the air box at a speed and capacity greater than that of traditional systems. The air flow entering the dynamic air intake is accelerated further thanks to the air flow deflector inside the carbon fibre airbox. Dynamic over-boosting, greater air flow, higher pressure and colder air are the elements which help to significantly increase the performance of the engine both in terms of power and torque, as demonstrated by dyno tests carried out.

Not street legal in most European countries.

Customer reviews:
Author: Yvonne H.  -  06.05.2016

As usual a fantastic product and very good service very highly recomended

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